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Company Overview

Topvine and Olives Services Limited is a leading experiential marketing company that was incorporated in 2009 to carry on business as an Events, Marketing and  Publicity Management Company with the aim of facilitating client needs through innovative and affordable service solutions.

We have a dedicated team comprising of our in-house personnel and an array of tested and trusted vendors who are passionate about building our brand that is rooted in efficiency, transparency and fast response timing

Our Core Values

– Professional Competence
– Integrity
– Service Quality
– Creativity
– Dynamism

Our Value Proposition

Consultec is an unbiased consulting team that will unite your myriad communication platforms and elevate efficiency and productivity. We are your compass, your navigator, and your partner.

Why we should be your preferred choice;

– We have a dedicated workforce constantly creating ways to serve you better
– Every prospective and existing client is giving an exclusivity treatment
– Our ushering services makes it a PRIORITY to advice, guide and groom raw talents into professional and cultured models
– We professionally infuse WORK and FUN in ways that will create a relaxed and less stressful work environment
– We truly care about our event services team and personnel’s welfare; this has overtime working very conducive and efficient for us and our team
– We work at making every event / publicity we manage an exciting experience for us and our client