Gain industry/expert knowledge on the art of events planning?

In the last couple of years, event management in Nigeria and the rest of the world has evolved from an informal affair in most cases to an impressive creation, requiring new sets of skills, experience, creativity, financing, planning and leadership from industry participants.
To take the lead in breeding an exceptional set of event managers and service providers, Topvine and Olives decided to set up an academy that will cater to the following key people amongst others:
– New Entrants looking to become a professional / certified events management professional;
– Current players in the industry looking to broaden their knowledge base while enhancing their professional networks and careers;
– Event Management students looking to strengthen their professional resumes before entering the job market;

Our Training package includes:

  1. Things to consider as a start-up
  2. Understanding the Events Services Value Chain
  3. Starting your Event Service Business
  4. Developing a pre-event plan
  5. Venue Planning
  6. Theme Creation
  7. Financial Planning and Budgeting
  8. client / vendor relations and management
  9. Preparing your marketing / execution materials i.e. proposals, floor plan / layout, timelines
  10. Scheduling pre-events meetings
  11. Key considerations in executing a successful event
  12. Things to consider after an event
  13. Theoretical and Practical Training

Our Training Schedule:

– Days: Monday – Fridays
– Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm
– Duration: One (1) week


– Certificate awarded at the end of the program
– 2 months internship afterwards
– Free consultation and mentorship